Music Theory Level 2

Course for 2nd grade Music Theory. You can purchase course access as a single student or a teacher. Covers TMTA and NFMC Level 2 requirements.

Course Summary

Learn the basics of Level 2 music theory! In this level, we cover the musical alphabet, quarter, half, whole, & dotted half notes, intervals, half steps & whole steps, sharps & flats, rhythm, dynamic signs, repeat signs, and ear training.  Teachers:  this theory course covers all the material needed for the TMTA state theory test for 2nd grade as well as the NFMC Level 2 theory test.

Course Curriculum

Kathy Rabago

Dr. Kathy Rabago holds a doctorate of musical arts (DMA) in music education, piano pedagogy from the University of Texas-Austin.  Her other degrees include a MM in Piano performance from SMU and a BM in Piano Performance from Trinity University.  She is an active piano teacher in the Austin, TX area.  Dr. Rabago founded Velocity Music Academy in Cedar Park, TX and was the executive director and business owner from 2010-2020.  She is also the founder and course creator at Piano Program, providing music theory courses and resources to teachers.  As an entrepreneur, Dr. Rabago provides consulting to studio and business owners.  In her free time, you'll find her being mom to her two amazing teens, gardening in her backyard garden, and hiking around town with her pups.  

Jennifer Foxx

Piano Teacher

Have you ever been excited about something where it ends up taking over your dreams? This happens to me all the time, but I didn’t expect it to happen with this… Dr. Kathy Rabago has created Music Theory Courses for students. These courses are the very definition of flipped learning and something that I have been wanting to find for a while. Students learn the music theory concepts at home or during their music lab time, reinforce the concepts through worksheets (provided), and return to their lessons with an increased knowledge of music theory.

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